Uda Walawe

John Diley's Trip Report 2

Tour Strat: 
2015 Mar 12
Tour End: 
2015 Mar 30

Trip Report Year:

John and Anne Diley with Nandana

The total number of species encountered was 240 including 3 that were heard but not seen.  The total number of “lifers” seen was 34 (including Streaked Weaver which I am now convinced I did not see in 2013).  However it would be 37 if I was to include the maybe dubious sightings – Sykes`s Warbler, Saunders`s Tern and Greater Painted Snipe.  Red-faced Malkoha I am convinced I saw in 2013 and is consequently a confirmation as is Ashy Prinia.  All of the 33 endemics (one more pending) were seen except Chestnut-backed Owlet which was heard but not seen.  Best birds – Eyebrowed Thrush, Black Noddy, Serendib Scops Owl, Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush, Black-necked Stork

Author/s of the report: 
John Diley
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